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Events draw attention and provide opportunities to do something different. Events that I have planned include


Theology Pub - A once a month gathering of adults at a local restaurant for discussion about life and God and everything in between.

Life Unplugged - A night of live music and conversation


Art and Theology  - A weekend to explore where the biblical narrative, God, art, and people collide


Art Extravaganza - Children 5th grade and down paint, make mosaics, and build crafts


End of the Year Celebration - Celebrating the end of the year with a meal and activities


Grown Ups Night Out - A time to socialize


Vacation Bible School - Exploring the Holy Lands, engaging young people, and celebrating with a live band


Mural Painting - This was an intergenerational event that produced two murals. One in the Children's Center that depicted different Bible stories. The other in the youth area, which had the theme of how do we experience God's love.





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