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Who am I.......

I am a CrossFitter, a snowboarder, traveler, coffee aficionado, book consumer, technology enthusiast, art lover, music collector, ecologically sensitive and I am currently the Pastor at Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church in Lincoln Park, MI..

I am naturally curious about the world around me and take advantage of opportunities to travel widely. My inquisitiveness extends to learning all I can about the world by reading newspapers online or magazines like the Monocle, the Box, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, Inc., The New Yorker; listening to informational podcasts like This American Life, Things Unseen; or watching TED Talks online.  


This curiosity for life has always been with me. In college I majored in History and Communication with minors in English, Psychology, and Political Science, which led to the occasion of working at Labour Party Headquarters in London. After graduate work I embraced opportunities that have allowed me to be engaged with a multitude of people regardless of age, religion, race, etc.… I value conversations because they open me up to learning, to being challenged, and to walking this journey of life with others. 


Growing up in a lower socio-economic home in rural TN did not lend easily to my curiosity but a passion for something more gave me a drive and work ethic that has propelled me and opened doors that as a child I only read about in books. 


I bring that same passion and drive to the church because I fully believe that the church is a place where we can be curious about who God is and how we as a community celebrate and challenge one another to live as God’s people amid a changing world.

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